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Boss ME-25
3 100%
Zoom GFX5
0 0%
Voters: 3.
Hi guys well to start off, Yes I'm low in budget so I choose to buy a multi-effect right now rather than stomp boxes.

So I'm choosing between Boss ME-25 or Zoom GFX5.
I think the freeze feature on the me-25 is really cool. but I think the GFX5 is more modern? ( not sure ) and It looks more kickass.

I've watched on youtube demos of both and can't really tell the difference between sound. I want to play metal and instrumentals like Petrucci / Satriani / Gilbert.

Anyone wanna help me choose?
The GFX is from Zoom's older range. They've upgraded the quality of effects and build quality significantly with their more recent kit, check out the Zoom G5.

With Boss, they've gone the other way. I've heard the freeze feature is good, but aside from that most people consider the quality of the ME-25 to be lower than the ME-50 which preceded it.

Line 6 are also worth investigating.

Finally, you don't mention what other kit you have. If you don't already have an amp, but want good tones for metal a used Peavey Vypyr could be well worth your money.
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Boss ME-25 for me, easily. Don't even compare with the old Zoom.

the ME-25 is eons ahead.