Hey guys,

I recently bought a used MXR 10-band EQ for $70 with the adapter. I already have one so I knew what to expect. Anyway, I was hoping to run this one in front of the amp as more of a "fine-adjustment" type of thing. Anyway, it really isn't doing much for my tone. No matter how I set it, there just really isn't that big of a difference; the one I have in the FX loop makes a much greater impact on the tone, and that tone is damn near perfect. I was hoping to set this one for a slight low-mid boost to be engaged when I hit a rhythm section, but it doesn't really seem to boost the "thump" to any measurable degree. I wouldn't say it sounds worse, it just doesn't sound any better. Perhaps if I get a different EQ like a Boss with slightly different frequency ranges on the sliders it would make more of a difference? I'm just not sure I need one...

So, long story short, I'm thinking about selling this one. The downside is that the volume and gain slider LEDs, as well as the LEDs above 500 Hz don't light up. They work just fine, they just don't light up. Everything from 32Hz to 500 Hz still lights up though. So if there's an easy fix for this, I think I could get more money for the pedal -- perhaps even more than I paid for it. Any ideas?
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Try simply replacing them. Look for blown resistors feeding them too. It's SMD isn't it? If so, replacing the resistors can be a bit tricky but still doable with a steady hand. Chances are that it's just the LED's themselves though.
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