What do you guys find your practice routine to be like? mine is about an hour or more of scales(major, minor, pentatonic) and exercises (spider exercise, chromatic scale). then half hour of learning a song then an extra 20 min of a lick( I like looking up licks of the day type stuff). the reason I ask is because some days I skip out because playing scales and exercise for an hour gets old and boring. i try to add some theory and ear training sometimes, but lately i've almost been feeling unmotivated to practice. I dont want to cut back how many hours i practice because i feel 2 hours isn't long. what do you do and how can I stay motivated?
When i was starting out my practice routine was somewhat like yours. I did the "traditional" scale practice for a while until i had the basic scales under my fingers. The further you get with learning songs/solos/phrases the more your scale practice should (this is entirely my opinion, so take it for what you want) turn into practicing concepts learned from songs within different scales.

So nowadays 90% of my practice is related to songs. I learn tunes, i learn harmonic concepts from tunes/solos to work through my scale and arpeggio practice with, i practice improvising over tunes with restrictions, i learn solos, sight read etc.

Don't worry about the 2hr timeframe. It is far better to practice 2 hours, or even 1 hour for that matter, everyday than to practice more hours 2-3 times a week. It is quality AND quantity that is important in guitar practice.
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One hour on scales is plenty of time, which can be boring... I mean, of course that you must know your scales, however, if you are working only with major, minor and pentatonics, knowing the relations between them can drastically reduce the time you spend on them.

How do you study scales? Shapes? There are 7 basic 3 notes per string shapes of Major/Minor scales (one for each degree), and they are the same... It just changes their degree on the harmonic field. Also, your pentatonics are in 5 of these shapes. What do this mean? That when you understand how the Major and Minor scale works, you will be able to figure out all of them, and reduce the time you spend studying scales up and down the neck of your guitar.

One thing that has helped my studying of scales and, in my opinion, is much more fun, is to study scales horizontally on one string each time. You can come up with great ideas with it.

Also, when you play a new lick, try to see where, in a scale, you could insert it. In a pentatonic scale? Major/Minor? and see if you can relate it to the scales intervals.

Maybe you just need to adjust how you study, instead of what you study!