I originally wanted to post this on one of the main forums but couldn't do so as I am a new member, so hopefully I can get some advice here.

Im in the process of looking for a guitar amp that can produce good sound, can be portable and be transported around in a car ( i drive a Toyota corolla) but also if i want to jam with a few friends.

The music is like is traditional 80’s heavy metal and thrash metal. I also like death metal and black metal.

I have spent some time researching some amps and reading their reviews and have nailed it down to these two:
- Peavy Vyper 3
- Marshall DSL40C

Im more leaning towards the Marshall as the reviews about the Peavy have said that it is very difficult to control and play around with the settings. I am almost a noob when it comes to guitar amp settings.

Also years ago i had a Peavy 6505 and sold it because it was too loud and big for me lifestyle. I remember that the i didn’t like the sound of Peavy amps because it sounded too ‘nu school’ if that makes sense. So i am guessing the Vyper would also have this issue as well.

Any suggestions on what i need to look for when decided what amp to buy or any other good amps you can recommend me.