Yeah man, same here. I'm not worried, I have a LTD and it has the same cracks so I think it's normal! Don't worry.
the fretboard extension and the body are expanding and contracting in different directions and at different rates of movement due to the grain orientation and type of woods being used. as a result the finish cracks. there's many things at work here, humidity, glue creep, seasoning of the wood, etc... and also notice where the fretboard has moved outward and away from the frets? this is often caused by the wood swelling up with moisture from humidity. basically the neck gets fat and the frets stay put. guitars are organic constructs and as a result their wooden parts move around quite a bit.

it's a classic guitar problem -more so with acoustic guitars which can end up with the top cracked as well.

if there is no more evidence of additional cracks and the guitar seems structurally sound you should be ok. check up on it every now and then and consider the humidity where you are keeping it. guitars that are built in other countries can have issues when they are imported due to the weather differences at the time of construction between here and there. some companies do their best with climate control and some just don't.

if the finish cracks are bugging you, take it to a shop and ask about drop filling.
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Thanks for fast replies. Those were the only cracks I saw. Other than that the guitar sound is excellent and I'm gonna let it stay like that. Doesn't bother me that much.
Is there also a larger crack along the binding or am I seeing things?
My Epiphone Les Paul Standard has a similar crack and I'm pretty sure it just the finish as mentioned above. The crack in mine is bigger actually. Mine is a 2005 and was being sold very cheap ($180.00 in mint condition) because the owner was told by someone it was a crack in the neck itself. I have had it for a few years and it doesn't seem to be any worse and plays excellent. The luthier I apprentice with also thinks it's just a finish crack from wood swelling like ad works described above but without sanding down the finish you can't be 100% sure. As long as it plays well and has not gotten any worse, I'll stick with that diagnosis.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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