A woman scorned hath no hell like fury adorned.
There are chains upon my ankles
and devils in my details
planning my demise.
Hear my prayer,
save my soul,
and while you’re at it,
gun that fucking bitch down.

In every thorn, a rose has sanctuary.
I am trapped in her imaginarium,
dirt under my fingernails
and an anger distilled
in the stillness of my heart.
I see her rise
out of the ocean
of my hatred.
I’m gonna gun that fucking bitch down.

Cast the first sin without a stone.
Broken no bones when I broke her silence,
but she listens with her eyes,
cold and dead and ablaze.
She lunges at me with language
but her lungs collapse like Babel.
She falls dead, like a dead thing.
I gunned that fucking bitch down.
really love the wordplay in this piece. Great work! Keep it up.
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Holy shit man!

Very very good use of words there.

Love it
this reads well and of course, as usual, you string strong images with a strong voice to match. I am having a hard time piecing this together though - some help, perhaps?
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Good, the metaphor use is a little strenuous though. Maybe limit yourself to one or two heavy metaphors to each stanza.