Okay I was rewiring my guitar and I had sound in the pickup that's hooked up and maybe 20 seconds later it stopped. Everything is hooked up exactly like the diagram, anyone know what could possibly be wrong with it?
what wiring diagram are you using?

Best thing I can tell you is to remove everything and start from scratch again with no pic's to see
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make sure of:
no contacts touch the paint inside the guitar of the pots or switch
no wires are touching each other
no cold solders or loose connections

for example my friends les paul custom the pots nuts (part that holds the pot to the surface and keeps it from moving) were loose , so loose they touched the paint inside the guitar which is conductive and produces hum cancellation to a certain degree as I'm a fan of copper tape more.. anyways... put the pots the way they should away from the paint and I was a hero.
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Okay I finally got sound again, my ground wire was barely in the wrong place. It got hooked up with some other wire that was already hooked up so I'm unsure of what that wire was that the ground was hooked up to. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it
I Got Screwed While Wiring and Have No Sound

That's happened to me, but I wasn't wiring in the middle of it.
Afterwards I was speechless (and/or hoarse).

"HOGAH! HOGAH! HOGAH!...." (say it forty times medium fast....)