Hi, I started playing guitar 15 years ago. After 5 years I stopped playing and now, finally, I started again with renewed impulse.
Just to tempt me more, I bought a schecter omen 7 extreme. I immediately noticed a big leap of performance with the new guitar (I had an Ibanez Jem77).
So, in my opinion (but I don't have big shops nearby so I cannot prove it to be true) is that larger frets (and/or bigger fretwires, the omen has extra jumbo frets) helps me very much. Jem77 has standard frets and in the high notes my "big" fingers tends to rub one another, but it seems the boost in performance is present in lower notes too.
Do you think it is only the bigger fretwires? anyone else notice boosts (significant) between the two kind of frets?

Are the necks a different shape? That can have some effect in my view. Fretwires not so much, but I'm not at all a fan of jumbo frets. They get in the way and take up far, far more space than necessary.
as a matter of facts omen is a c shape (thin, said by schecter, medium for me), jem is also a c shape, very thin.
I always thought a thicker neck to be harder to play