Trying to decide between these two amps right now. I play mostly clean, not very concerned about the drive channels, a little drive would be nice but I can always use a pedal if needed

The Triumph has a few scratchy pots.

The ValveKing has light cosmetic wear and 2 missing legs.

I had a VK stack a while back but forgot what the cleans sounded like! I was using the drive most of the time, it was only used for rehearsal.

Going to try them to see what I prefer and buy one Friday when I get paid. Just wondering people's thoughts on these amps in comparison or whatever. I also like the fact that the Triumph is from '89 and "handcrafted" in USA.

One more thing; I really like this Fender 75 tube amp from the early '80s I found, but it has an issue where it buzzes and cuts in/out after it warms up. The guy had the tubes replaced with Sovtek 6L6's back in '98. I can buy it for around the same price that these Peaveys are going for, but I am afraid it will be a more complex problem than what I want to imagine. Is there any reason this couldn't be repaired? I want to believe it is just the tubes, but I have a strong feeling I'd replace them and still have the problem
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I like the Valveking well enough, but the Triumph is a far superior amp IMO. I owned a VK, still own a Triumph.
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i'd say that if you don't need the gain as high as the VK can get then go fro the Triumph. those old peavey's are solid amps for sure. you might take teh handcrafted thing with a grain of salt though. factory made and some corners cut but still better than many amps these days.
Triumph all the way, far superior on every front in terms of tone.
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The Triumph is far better in terms of construction and quality. But if you happen to be after dark, pristine cleans, very few amps can touch the ValveKing. Most amps with "good" cleans emulate the bright Fender Twin type thing.
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I think the Triumph does that better too, man. It can cop a real nice dark, fat clean sound very well. It really is a hell of an amp
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
I’d go with the Triumph as long as it sounds good without the power amp cranked. Or if you just need to play 2000 person venues.
The VK is a great budget all rounder, probably the best one on its league. I had one and I'd definitely get one again if I'd need a small budget amp for gigging and playing different genres (VK112). What it does best is what Offworld92 said, those dark cleans, it's a GREAT pedal platform.

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