Your heart beat shakes the bed
a comfort to kill my mind
with boat motion in the desert sun,
send our great divine.
play with your hair and kiss the wind
in ways i never could.
you're foaming from the mouth
With greedy anticipation
Your something from
a card game sent to me.
Give in to my needs
understand my point of view.
Surgical tables you trace my lines
i swore i was a believer
i claim divine
For some reason this really reminds me of the tale of Osiris and his wife Isis.\
About how Set tore Osiris apart and Isis had to put him back together.
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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i like what you're doing with the rhythm here. try utilizing your line breaks a little more. there are certain places where i expect a pause when i'm reading; line 1-4 i read as a separate stanza, however after that point i can't really say for sure, as the rhythm begins to vary. lines 5-6 almost feel like they should be their own stanza, because lines 7-8 break in rhythm and rhyme. etc etc