Hey UltimateGuitarists! I'm glad to have stumbled upon this forum and am hoping to get some input/opinions.

I recently bought a new mahogany 7-string with two humbuckers and a single coil setup. I'm really looking for some versatility style-wise and while I have a 6'er with Crunchlab/Liquifire (and am generally happy with it), I'm really interested in branching out a bit beyond them.
My current list is as follows:

Neck: Liquifire or Air Norton Hum

Middle: True Velvet (Man, I love this tone. This is the only one I am truly leaning towards.)

Bridge: Seymour Duncan Pegasus, AHB Blackout, EVO 7 , Dimarzio X2N, Super Distortion, or D Activator

Constructive comments and opinions are welcome. I'm sure there are plenty people here with great advice.