So, NGD.

On the advice of this forum (And...you know, other random advice), I ended up getting a EBMM Majesty 7. And Daaaaang, this thing rocks. It has a couple pretty deep scratches on the upper horn (which got me about 1k off the street price), but other than that it's gorgeous and sounds amazing.

I rather expected the pups to be a bit hotter than my previous ones (Dimarzio-Ibanez pickups in my RG1XXV), but the Illuminators are incredibly hot as compared to those and have fantastic detail. The bridge pickup has exactly as much crunch as I want and the neck pickup is extremely smooth. So far, I haven't been able to try using the piezo out direct to the PA, but when I mix it into the split coils or the neck pickup alone for clean tones, it really adds some nice richness in the upper ranges. Often the complaint against metal cleans is that they sound too sterile; adding in just a bit of the piezo pickups absolutely turn that on its head. It also has a boost for a little bit extra oomph that you can add with a push-push on the volume control. That boost is absolutely huge; with it turned on and the volume all the way up, it distorts my boogie like crazy (I'm a big believer in lots of distortion, but it's waaaaay over the top). This ironically means I really enjoy using it with the volume turned down enough that I'm above the unboosted max but not at the max. This has been fantastic for me, because it means I have a little bit extra play with it while I'm playing; instead of just being able to turn it down, if I need a bit extra volume I can roll it up.

The action is the lowest I've seen on a guitar. And I've played as many guitars as I can get my hands on. I haven't played a lot with a seven string, but I found the transition incredibly easy. Easy enough that after only a couple weeks with it, my six strings feel like there's something missing. And especially when you're trying to close out a song, or really rip into a heavy deep chord, it's nice to be able to rise from below the low E string. It's kept tuning fantastic. I tuned it once when I got it and it hasn't gone more than 10 cents out of tune since (and on the ordinary day by day change hasn't shifted at all). The floating bridge is pretty great; I found it refreshing nice not to have the locking nut and, while it doesn't have the range of my floyd roses, it has significantly more range than my edge II.

As I said, I'm absolutely loving it. I was a bit worried about trying too hard to sound like Petrucci buying both his guitar and amp, but, since Petrucci sounds like...well, pretty much anything, I haven't found that to be too much of a problem.

If you have any questions about it feel free to ask. Or if you have any advice or anything. (Also, sorry about the huge sideways photo. I had enough problems uploading it, didn't feel like redoing it to rotate it)

ah this is beautiful! I wasn't sure how I felt about these when they first come out but I have since fallen in love with them. do you happen to have any experience with any JP6/7s and if so, how do they compare? I was also considering an illuminator set for a future guitar and everything ive read about them including what you've said is only steering me more and more towards a set. any gripes with the axe, big or small?

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Beautiful- HNGD!
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Yeah, so I wrote up a really long reply to you slyrules88 and accidently closed the tab and lost all of it. So here's the sparknotes version of it:

Didn't play jp6/7 much, love the sound of the crunchlab/liquifire

Looked at crunchlab/liquifire compared to illuminators, found this video:


Thought the crunchlab/liquifire were better alone, did worse than the illuminators in the mix.

Guitar is really light, but well balanced, and can be hard to play sitting down, has no problems standing up.

With the boost on, it's really easy to turn a fantastic gain sound to mush if you get a bit too liberal with the volume.

I don't particularly like the 5/2 headstock tuning peg ordering. I keep reaching for tuners that aren't there.

I tried for like 10 minutes to think of a bad thing about the playability, couldn't come up with a single thing.

Haven't tried downtuning it at all, kept it at B, sounds fantastic.
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amazing setup. yeah call yourself a petrucci fanboy at this point. but wow. that rig can do almost anything.
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Yeah, between that and my MIJ strat I can cover a lot of ground. Though, I mean, I'll always need more pedals to fill it out :P