So I started vaping a while ago to stop smoking, and I had to keep getting bigger and bigger tanks/battery packs to keep me from stopping a craving. I was using really basic set ups so that explains that. After the Nautilus tank and 15w iStick, which was keeping me away from cigs, but still didn't take away all the cravings in the world, I had enough money for an Arctic tank, and a 65w SmokeBox set up. That was nice, but the chip was working properly so after a few weeks, I bought a Sigelei box mod 50w. That was lower in watts, but gave out more vapor than the 65w set up, with the same arctic tank. At one point, I decided because RDA's are so cheap, I bought a deck. I forget the name of the deck, but I kept and currently am using the Sigelei 50w with that. I just built my first coil after the coil that was made for me at my vape shop started tasting like... Coil.


I think I built a better coil than the guy did at the vape shop. This isn't me boasting, because that guy was the only one there, and there were customer's that just came in, so I suppose he had to make it quick. It looks a lot like what he did, EXCEPT, I have .01 less ohm's than what the guy built. I'm pretty sure that's amazing, but I'm not certain. I used 26 gauge Kanthal, and did 6 wraps each along the tiny screw driver. Even at 50w, it's stays at .3 ohms. I cleaned the deck with rubbing alcohol btw, so I assume that's why my throat was burning a bit after the fist 10 or so drags.

The thing is, the coil is really hot. It's not hot now, but it was.

Everything is .3 ohm as stated, but I'm curious if the hot coils is because I didn't put enough cotton?

I've learned to not put a truck load on there, so I did smaller than I usually do.

It seems fine now, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, or if they can verify my hypothesis, than that would be sweet as poo.
P sure theres a Vape Thread around here somewhere. Searchbar, yo.
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we have a vaping thread, they might be interested but the rest of us probably won't.

We'll just screw around.

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It's gonna get hot running 50 watts on a .3 Ohm. And try cleaning with cheap vodka not rubbing alcohol. That's no bueno.
Cleaning with rubbing alcohol is a bad idea.

Anyway, like the last guy said, running 0.3 ohms will make your device heat up a bit. 50 watts is a decent amount of power and even my sub ohm clearos can get pretty hot at 50 watts. RDAs will definitely feel even hotter.

If you're not tasting burnt cotton then I wouldn't bother adding more. That would potentially decrease your performance if you add too much.

I used to run a Tobh RDA on a mechanical mod with a 0.3 ohm build, and that thing would heat up like mad.

As long as you practice good battery safety you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I know the Sigelei 50w will protect against shorts but I don't know if it protects against overdrawing the battery. Just be sure your batteries are capable of continuous discharge at a high amperage (I'd recommend 35a) and you'll be fine.

And there's a vaping thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1646851, you're welcome to post if you want.