I have a 1994 Fender USA Telecaster that I'm installing a S/D Hot Rail pickup in the bridge and a push pull pot for changing single coil to humbucker. My question is will a 250k pot be ok or should I go with a 500k? And I see there is a split and solid pots, is the difference? Thanks all!
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because hot rails are so hot I'd probably go 500k , but honestly try it out and see.

The reason you go with higher valued pots is brightness. If anything I'd roll down (turn down to) 250k if I was to coil split the pickups. But in the end if you like the sound keep the 250k pots. You can always use steel strings if your signal isn't bright enough. The Dunlop tek picks i think they are called the aluminum picks really brought a 50s replica tele to life.

if you do re-wire the guitar I'd try the 50s way of connecting the tone capacitor , that or just go with a linear pot (B500k lets say) because 5 is exactly 250k resistance so it's more predictable. But if you like the swell like on the song ironman keep a A500k pot.

one out of the box mod is that someone used a fender TBX pot and pretty much they used it as a volume that the guitars volume went from 250k to 1m (1000k). Five was their 0% volume.
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