Ok. I'm a brand new-bie. Just tinkering around with a used Yamaha electric. Can anyone direct me to any easy-to-understand instructional sites that might have a "how-to-play" section showing riffs or solos of some popular rock songs / groups? (partial to Neil Young, Beatles, Stones, Marley etc. etc. ) for example: I'd love to try Neil's solo(s) in "Powderfinger", haha. Thanks!
YouTube has tons of videos and instructors to check out. But there are even more tabs for all of those kinds of tunes.
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I'd love to try Neil's solo(s) in "Powderfinger", haha. Thanks!

Learn it then. One bar at a time.
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If you are a noob I suggest you start learning how to play all the chords of the songs first (if you haven't already). Neil Young has fairly straight ahead chord sequences and I use to play tons of his early stuff (it was new then). Learn some solos after you get the whole song down chord wise. This will help you associate notes in the solo with the chords you are playing them against. It makes learning the solos much easier and less about just memorizing random notes. You will remember the songs much easier and be able to use the solos as a long term learning tool.
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