This is the first song where I try doing some vocal stuff. I recorded this song without using the metronome, because it is really just a barebones sketch of an idea. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism, and also just hear your thoughts on the song. Also, it ends a bit abruptly, I have planned a definite ending, but haven't had the chance to include it yet.

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Hey there,

I enjoyed that track. Melodic and soulful, was feeling it. Especially liking the guitar solos. Nice chord progressions and acoustic tone and the vocals sounding good too. Nice production quality as well. Play on.

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Should sound good when complete. Suggest you don't over-process the vocals.

Thanks for the feedback! By over-processing the vocals, are you referring to the amount of vocal layers? I had two vocal tracks in the verse, and a few more in the chorus, in order to emphasize certain things. Perhaps that is a bit overkill, but it felt emptier with just one vocal track in the verses.
2011 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
2012 Tanglewood TW170

Boss Katana 100w 1x112
Line 6 HD500
This reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel (good). Intro guitar playing & riffs are very pleasant. Electric guitar is good. Nice singing & vocal melodies. Even if the ending is somewhat abrupt, quite nice song & recording! Please review my music at this link:

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Sounds like an Elliot Smith vibe coming through there which in my book is a good thing! I think you're right in adding another vocal part to the chorus to emphasise it as it would get lost in the extra guitar layers coming in but I suppose it just finding that balance and not over doing it. The ending was a bit abrupt which can work in some songs but I'm not sure if it worked here. I thoroughly enjoyed this so make sure you post the finished version!

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I do not find it sloppy at all or out of time in any part, it's a very relaxing sound, the lyrics are great and applicable and relatable to a lot of things for the listener which is good. The electric leads have good phrasing and it fits, the ending I would probably let a chord ring out or something lol. Cant wait to hear the final recording of this good job.
I was pleasantly surprised. My first song ever, I was expecting a very young person playing heavy metal with lyrics about death .
This is like folk music I like it. Your voice is nice you don't need to double track it. I thought it sounded better without it. That particular whispering inflection youre, using in your voice is very good. Keep that, and use it often but maybe learn other ways to use your voice. The pitch is good as is the phrasing, although I could not understand the words maybe my ears my speakers or the double tracking I don't know.
I would say take out some stuff and add some stuff.
Take out: the double tracking and everything but your voice and guitar.
Add: some song structure I think this is a very sweet sounding piece but it needs to go somewhere. By that I mean a bridge a recognizable chorus. In my opinion. Then add some vocal harmony and bass and drums if you want.
I think this sketch shows talent and taste just a little work well, making a good recording of a great song is a lot of work.
This is amazing! Your vocals kind of put me in mind of Andrew Bird, love them. If this is your sloppy work, I cant wait to see your finished product! I can only hope to be this good in the future, m'friend. The mastering work is beautiful and I love the layered vocals. Great stuff!

C4C by chance?

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