Hey man,

I'm very impressed!! Your playing was spot on, and the sound quality was awesome. Can I ask what you use to record? My only critique might be to try recording some video and going to YouTube- you will reach a bigger audience and that'll help get your name out.

Also, if you could take a second to watch my cover, I'd be grateful. I'm definitely still a beginner, so any tips you have are greatly appreciated!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwwbhsKIpRs
hey thanks for your comment, i use reaper as daw, Bias for the guitar sound, Trilian for the bass and EZdrummer2.
i really like your cover you improve pretty fast! how do you record your covers? you should definetly try to use some backing tracks, it's a bit hard to hear you sometimes. If there are none online try to tweak the eq of your guitar track, boost the mids etc.
Great cover man, do you have a link for the backing track? I would love to learn this song too