Hey UG,

Every now and then I drop by to share a new song with you guys. Today I'm presenting a song that's a radical departure from my usual sound. The idea was simply to write a song that sounded nothing like what I usually write, so instead of 10-minute downtempo epics with whiny emo vocals about something all too ambiguous, I decided to write a heavy 3-minute rock song with a blatant religious focus.

I was listening to a lot of hardcore and just generally heavy music like The Chariot, Norma Jean, Deftones, Korn, Glassjaw, etc. and decided to focus on recreating their heavy and chaotic sound. Of course, I wanted to retain a strong sense of melody throughout the chaos, and I think my final product struck a good balance between the "pretty" songs I usually write and the heavy music I had been listening to. So follow the link and check out the song. Maybe you won't hate it.