I've been trying to write creative riffs for 2-3 years and so far nothing really good sounding happened.I'm aware that inpiration may come in many ways and some people are just not able to write good riffs,but i really want to be a musician and no one else seems to really care about writing their own songs in my band.I also know that if I even write a good riff it may sound easy and shitty to me but can you guys really explain how i can (JUST) DO IT!?
My suggestion is please go ahead in your way as per your mind says. Why i am asking you to follow your mind means, sometimes, the heart may fail to make you to go in a good way but the mind will never fail to guide you in a right way. So, please follow your mind's thoughts to reach the road of success.
Check out this video at 00:54. John Lennon used to write songs to other people's tunes and then change them so he didn't get sued. Go through riffs you like and make little adjustments to notes or timing. Play it backwards, Whatever. Just to get the juices flowing. It's only rock and roll.