Looks like the guy selling the Taylor 110 E has weasled out of the deal ($400 including a hardshell case and a stand). I still want an acoustic-electric dreadnaught though. Cutaway/non-cutaway...I don't give a damn.

How good are the Epiphone Masterbilt guitars? I haven't found anything bad about them so far in my research so I'm guessing they are probably pretty good. How does the fingerboard compare to an electric? Is it wide like on a classical guitar, or narrow/comfy like my Taylor Big Baby? From what I've researched it sounds like the Masterbilt guitars punch at a much higher weight (comparable to more expensive brands), but can sound "thin". What the hell does that mean? That bass isn't rich, or deep?

Thanks in advance!
the first batch had some issues - lifting bridge and belly bulge. since then, they've proven to be a good budget solid top option. nut width on the DR-500MCE is nowhere near a classical - it's 1.68" too thin for my taste, actually, but then so it the big baby. there are no standard dreads with a nut of 2" or more.

the masterbilts i tried have plenty of bass. i didn't find them thin. more like martins tonally than taylors.
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What I've heard about the Masterbilts is that there's a lot of variation from model to model and guitar to guitar. They aren't consistent, which is NOT good for anyone looking to buy a guitar online. I'd suggest finding the exact model you want, trying it in store, and then, if it sounds good, buying THAT very one. I wouldn't risk an online purchase without knowing for sure what I'm buying.
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