I'm more of a guitarist than singer but I'd like a cheap simple mic for hard rock. I have Irig HD which can handle a guitar output jack, so I think that would work, or maybe something with a lightning connector. I want to stay below $60 if possible as really I only record for personal use and I am not a big singer.

Thank you!
You need a mic preamp, instrument level devices won't properly power a mic. The iRig Mic is only $40. Other than that, there's nothing really worth buying for iOS for anywhere close to $60 that I know of.
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Tascam iPhone mic. Dirt cheap and surprisingly good sound quality. About$15 at Amazon and designed for iphone 4S.

You will probably also need a lightning cord adapter for about $6 to work with iphone 5.


This is the Zoom for newer iphones with lightning input.

I own the iM2 from Tascam and use it often for live rehearsal recordings.
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