Hi i have some money I would like to spend on some kind of guitar/music related stuff.

I have a recording project that is a full band effort but just me playing everything and I want to start doing some live stuff with that but it would be pretty limited.

So I could either invest in merchandise and CD printing for that to sell at live shows (the songs are done and about to be released for money via band camp )

I could upgrade an old Squire Jagmaster to play live with (not a fan of acoustic, i would want to use my effects live). The two guitars I have currently I would not want to take out with me as both have huge sentimental value and I would prefer to just record with (Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Jagstang).

But i've also wanted a new amp for a while, one of good quality, more of an accepted gigging amp etc. rather than a cheaper valve amp, and that does exactly what I want. At the moment I have a Fender Vaporizer and an Orange Micro Terror through a Jet City 112.
I'm interested in a Tiny Terror or a Blues Jr, or a more expensive Fender valve amp. I love the crunch tone on my Orange but I do have some songs which require cleans. I also have a selection of pedals and my main sound is a big fuzz using a Devi ever Shoegazer but atm, i'm not happy with my main distortion tone unless I almost crank the Fender and put it through the cab.

Suggestions? The music I play is grunge/punk and shoe gaze. Influences are pixies, Nirvana, Dino Jr and JAMC etc.
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Upgrade your amp options so that you have a distortion tone you like.
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Yeah, amps should always be first priority in regards to tone.
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another +1 on the amp.

(maybe off topic) i saw a band a few months ago doing a friday night festival type thing. they had their CD's on a rack, and rather than selling them, they said "pay what you would like, just give them a listen. i will be damned that they had more money in their "tip/CD" bucket than i have EVER seen on a local festival. they probably went through 40 CD's, but they not only loaded up on tips, but they got their music out there and surely didn't lose any money.
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Just to suggest something different, a powered speaker (at least 300w, 15"), an amp modeling mfx, a mic preamp and a decent mic. Just to have options.
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An amp upgrade would make sense!

But I just have to say that I don't think that the CD industry is that big anymore just so you know!