best music videos not cause it's cool or whatever but because it's good also another

thread where everyone posts videos that nobody is going to click on, and for the sake of us all, do url tags instead of spoilers. spoiler tag doesn't change anything, but url makes it convenient

also give a statement on why it is great
svefn-g-englar means, as far as i'm able to understand, 'sleep walking angels' or something along those lines. Teenagers with Downs Syndrome in angel outfits and it's just really good and ok maybe i've cried during it ok.k. because it's that good

your turn
superman is killing himself tonight
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sry so sry

would you please write a brief reason of why you like it so much
superman is killing himself tonight
real talks **** threads like these i aint clicking any of these shitty links so i end up on some lame ass norwegian viking metal bullshit or fake sad rich kid nonsense and ruin my youtube recommendations fulla late night dennys brawls that ive worked so hard to create forever just post the vid so i know not to click it ya clowns