once again ive used epi's special custom tuning (i actually really like it and have kept a guitar in that tuning). this song is supposed to be odd/chaotic/unpredictable, so the fact that it has little-to-no structure is on purpose

turn up the clean reverb for the best sound

Edit: I've added a lot more content and would love some input. also i would love some drum suggestions for the part missing drums
New custom song.gp5
updated prog shiz.gp5.zip
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Better late than never!

You been listening to any The Safety Fire recently? Similar blend of melody and erraticness, if that's a word. Felt like it flowed really well together though. You've got a real great feel for rhythm and I'm always a fan of your drum-writing. The breakdown at bar 75 was quality.

I'm imagining the section you ended on to carry on going a bit more with some fancy leads on top. Something like the interlude section in Doxa by Monuments. So I hope you do a big finish on that section!
There's not much to say, it's really good!
I really liked the part were the clean guitar arpeggiates over the chugging. But it doesn't seem finished and the solo guitar currently has no parts. Are you planning on finishing it?

Also, how the hell do you tune to that? Do you use the string of a 7-string guitar instead of the usual for low E?
yeah i do, its far from finished haha hence the WIP

also i just use light-top heavy-bottom strings for this guitar. one way of looking at it is "half D-standard, half dropped-Bb/A#", so the top strings dont need nearly as thick of a gauge
hey guys ive added a lot to this since last time i posted. check it out!

also im thinking of making the lead at 24 a trumpet solo actually haha id love some opinions on that
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Really liked a lot about this. The intro riff is cool, rhythm flows nicely.
The 47 transition isn't that smooth and I actually prefer the whole previous section without the tempo change.
The section from 73 onwards has the potential to be really good and really heavy, I think the drums let it down slightly (I would say they are the weakest part of the piece). It's a bit cliché to suggest it nowadays but I do think making that section have some polymetric feel to, it would work well and add a different dimension to that one section.
Section 90 onwards sounds very TesseracT themed, like Deception meets Nocturne maybe? I like it a lot and if I think the themes here can be linked to the earlier and then later themes then that would all tie in nicely.
Over all I like a lot of this and thing it has good potential!
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

its hard to tell exactly what you mean (your descriptions are a tad vague in some places and the measure numbers line up in the middle of certain parts)

id love to hear any suggestions you have for the tracks though, especially drums