I just submitted the tab for Disturbed's Fire it Up, new to forums and contribution, so wondering how long until it gets on site?
well looking at your tab, someone is saying you need to fix the crowded notes, i would suggest you do this or it will get rejected again like the first guy did, there giving you advice on how to fix it and get it accepted, just ignoring it will get your tab rejected, having notes so close together is hard to read, its ok if its like 3 or 4, but to have them continuous its hard to read, and no one wants to stop and count how many notes there are, just separate them and i,m sure it will get accepted a lot quicker
The close notes are played as a tremolo solo, which, normally even in tablature are right next to each other. Altering this would throw the flow of speed off... I've never personally had difficulty with tremolo reading, but I can understand why some might. Perhaps simply set difficulty higher? I mean I've altered tab giving palm mutes and correcting several timing lapses, but how the tremolo is tabbed is simply how it is played.

I mean, I will definitely alter it if it comes down to it; it would simply be tabbed incorrectly after that.
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well tabs are not really tabbed out exactly like the song, you can,t really get the timing down, tabs are more use full when there read easily with ought having to study it, people get the jift of the song by listening to the song and then being able to follow the song on an easy to read tab.
Most tabs I've seen attempt to fill timing through 4/4 or 4/3 correctly using the tremolo notes next to each other, but hell, as long as it gets put up, I'm happy. Speaking of which, I doubt it's getting put up.
I accepted it, but i still say you can take out the gaps for the choruses, bridge, and solos and make it a smaller tab, less scrolling down, but seen as you fixed the tabs and made spaces in the notes its worth accepting it.