This amp is fairly old now, but I don't have any noise problems (other than cranking the gain but that is to be expected). I've just seen a lot of people saying a cap job is mandatory every 15 years and this head is at least 20 years old now.

Are Peavey heads known to have cap problems?
Recapping the power supply will reduce any 120Hz hum. If that isn't an issue then the caps are just fine.
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Every 15 years seems extremely conservative to me. It may have been true in the 60s, when capacitors weren't sealed as well, but I don't think an amp made in 1999 needs to come in for a cap job any time soon. The newest amp I've ever seen with a dried out cap was from I think 1972 or 3. Plenty of silverface and even blackface Fenders are still chugging along with their original caps, though whether or not that's wise is a different thread.

If it were me, I'd strongly consider recapping any amp earlier than 1980, or anything making the telltale whooshing/ticking noise. A 20 year old Peavey should be just fine.
Thanks guys. How hard would it be to DIY the power section (for in the future)? I heard techs cost an arm and a leg
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How about you get us some real good close up pics of the caps without shocking the shit out of yourself.

(just testing ya here)

I've never done anything like this before, but when I did get the head and turned it on I heard TICK TICK TICK while playing then I deoxit the whole thing and turned it on to a WWEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww..... Sound. The head still works, but now I'm wondering if I didn't blow a cap or something.
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