I could be drunk posting right now int the chat thread, but noooooooo, we have to close it.

You suck, whoever or whomever you are, th eone that closed the chat thread, and also the one that closed the new chat thread filled with butt-related gifs.

Sign this petition to open a new chat thread pls.
PS: A friend of mine puked after chugging Fanta. (he has epilepsy and can't drink alcohol.)

We laughed.
Did you even read where he said it was probably just for the weekend?
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theguitarist closed it, yet I can't help but feel it's eGraham's fault somehow.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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Did you even read where he said it was probably just for the weekend?

I don't care. I needed it now.
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im sloshed a.f. right now don't see me complaining about it lol

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PS: A friend of mine puked after chugging Fanta. (he has epilepsy and can't drink alcohol.)

We laughed.

one time when i was a kid i got carsick and threw up a bunch of Fruitopia and chocolate covered raisin. terrible experience.

another time i had fractured my jaw and had it wired shut (over christmas at that) and the pain meds they gave me made me nauseous and i threw up between my teeth. another terrible experience.
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can we turn this into a drunk tales thread? imma turn this into a drunk tales thread

cba to type for obvious reasons + im listening to #lostlovejamz i dont wanna disrupt so enjoy this oldie but goodie
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my school didn't have those handy dividers between urinals (this was back before i acclimated myself to public restrooms as a result of constant anxiety, a dumb prostate & whatnot) and i wasn't about to whip it out in a room full of people so i used to routinely hold my piss in all day long

i skipped 1st period with the boys this one day for an early morning party in this one guy's basement and had a ton of those pissy brews that would flow right through ya and got wrecked @ 8am lol.. went back to class later and held it in squirming all day cuz i really had to pee but i just couldnt force myself to use those damn urinals.

fast forward a few hours and im chilling with this hunny & im still sloshed but cuddling on a park bench w/ her so i sure as hell dont wanna get up cuz she took a seat on my lap and began to gyrate her hips slightly so as you could imagine im just like OH BROTHER #conflicted a.f. but my idiot bladder finally gave up and i was practically leaking @ this point

so i pushed her sweet booty off of me and ran to the nearest public bathroom.. this one did have those dividers so i felt relieved cuz there was some other guy using the urinals & i wasnt gonna wait any longer.. i whipped it out and i guess she mustve crushed my drunk urethra or i was just too randy or whatever but i had two clean streams of piss coming outta my dick each at 90 degree angles and onto both dividers completely missing the urinal.. shit was insane cuz i was hoping it was just a temporary thing that would fix after a coupla seconds so id push harder in hopes of forcing them into one stream but i just made shit worse. legit stood there for well over a minute and a half pissing onto two walls with a guy beside me like its nbd top 15 weirdest moments of my life for sure topped off by the fact that she said she had to leave by the time i got back to her lmao

inb4 dougie (i love you bud) :')