I Have a crate dx-212 (its a digital amp) from a pawn shop, I'm only the second owner and the previous owner lightly used the amp, its only a few years old and everything was working just fine when I got it. A few months ago it would just restart on its own, like as if you just turned it on and it runs the little program with the lights under the buttons go in a little circle. It has gotten worse and worse over the past months, the Louder I turn it up, the more often it restarts, I normally jam with the volume half-way up or lower and it restarts every half hour or so, But when I play at band practice battling against acoustic drums and a really loud bass amp when I turn it 3/4 the way up and add Gain, it turns off as short as every 2 minutes, could this be a problem with a fuse or breaker? or is it a problem with the amp overloading or the computer crashing? I installed a fan over the amp's heat sinks so it stays fairly cool and not hot enough to burn, more of just a warm so its not overheating bc I had problems with that before. But anyways, if its a fuse it would be easier to change than the breaker, the fuses role in this amp is just to handle overloads, and if its failing and it overloads- it restarts is my theory on whats happening, if its something like the breakers, that will be a little harder to replace but I could do it if I got the breaker(s) I needed. I play metal, not thrash, like metal core, death metal, exreamly heavy and hardcore stuff. I only go to drop D but im getting a 7 string soon bc I fell in love with drop A, but anyways. Does anybody know why my amp could be doing this? Is there a solution?
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Crate amps pretty much suck (save the vintage club series and Blue/red voodoo)

I suggest you save your money to get something better
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SOLVED, the fuse in the back used a spring to hold it into place and it wasent exactly secure, when I turned it up louder and increased bass it wiggled it out of place for a split second/lost contact for a split second thus the amp loses all power and then It restarts, I know crates arent the top of the line but thats all I could afford at the time and I had things like battle of the bands and my amp I had was a 1x10 25 watt which wont cut it, but ill be using this amp temperately for about another 6 months but after I get a new job hopefully in a month or two Ill save up for something like a Orange, Peavy, Black Star, or Randall half-stack with a custom 4x12 slanted cab with some eminence swamp thangs or a full range cab with 2 British eminences and 2 bass speakers using cross-overs separating between them at about 400htz and lower for the bass speakers and above that for the guitar speakers so I can get a real punch.
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