im thinking of buying a electric guitar tomorrow after playing a classic guitar for half a year and there is one thing that is bothering me. I will have a very busy school year starting in September (Im in 11th grade) and i am afraid that because of that buying a guitar will be a waste of money. i enjoy playing guitar and im also thinking about going to lessons to improve even more (im kind of a beginner). does any one here have any experience with such a situation and help me out?
ofc its worth it, if you see guitar as a proper hobby.
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if you have the spare cash then yes get an electric
remember you will also need an amp or some type of interface for your computer so you can properly practice
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Yes. The guitar will still be there next year.
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It will only be a distraction if you let it.
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btw deeptubes i am not worried that the guitar will be a distraction, im more worried that i wont have time to play it.
If you want to play guitar badly enough, you will dedicate time to play it.
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There's always an excuse not to play whatever point in your life your at. If you don't get it now grade 12 will be an excuse then collage, university, work, kids whatever it is. Just find time or you never will.
Time management... Pretty hard to master in 11th grade. If you have self discipline and really want to play then you have nothing to worry about, you will make time for it. Balance is the key, I'm sure you can handle playing 3-4 times a week.
I say go for it. Always be willing to take a chance if you have it in your heart. Why wait it out if it's only fear holding you back? Get it if you can and spend 20-30 on most days and you'll thank yourself a year from now.
This is an odd question to ask people who don't know you. Are you someone who likes to sample things and quit quickly, or one who sticks with new hobbies? How much disposable cash do you have? What are your priorities? Why are you interested in learning guitar anyway? Think about it for a week and then decide.
I played guitar throughout middle and high school (I'm now at Berklee), and I managed to hold a good GPA throughout and got accepted into all 6 colleges I applied to.

So yes, get the guitar.
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