I just got back my LTD MH350FR from the guitar shop for its set up. They told that my guitar was specifically designer for 9/42 strings gauge.
Do you know if that's true? Because I find it extremely light for rhythm playing, and I already played with other gauges.
Do you know what's the deal here?
It's meaningless. They say it's designed 'specifically' for 9's because that's what the guitar comes with stock.

There's nothing to say you cannot use heavier strings.
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They mean they set it up for that gauge.

If you want to change gauges go for it, but some readjustments might be necessary.
Then the guy must have lied to me, cause he said that my guitar was specifcally desgined for this gauge.
Thanks guys!
You should have said what guage you wanted on.Find a guage you want to use and stick to it.The saddles and the nut slot will be set for this.I use 9-46 on all my guitars and I usually supply the strings I want on.If you've got more than one guitar dedicate certain guitars for different guages.
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That just means that they cut the nut slots for .09s.

to some degree probably. but i haven't had problems with .10"s or .11's fitting into nut slots.

i agree that you should pick a gauge and stay with it. i have used .11"s on every standard tuned guitar for at least 6 years, and .12"s on C#std guitars.

FWIW i have owned over 60 guitars and have only had to widen the nut out once (for .11"s). i don't see it being a problem.
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I agree with the posts above that the guitars bridge and nut may have been cut specifically for 9 gauge but the slots can be opened slightly for a heavier gauge. I agree with smittyanthrax just pick a gauge and stay with it. If you want 10's use 10's all the time and if you want 9's use that gauge all the time unless you can do your own set ups. You can change gauges but you'll have to deal with a few minor changes on the nut, bridge and neck when you change so it's best to keep that guitar set for one type.
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