Hi everyone, hope you're having a good day.

I've finally decided to upgrade from my $20 rogue G10 (I had a very low budget when I bought it), but I can't decide on an amp. My budget is around $100. I play metal, but I also use clean sounds. I've looked at the Fender Mustang 1, Roland Cube 10GX, and the Peavy Vyper VIP 1.

Thanks in advanced

for metal the Peavey is probably your best option. thye do very good metal tones even at the $100 range. don't expect miracles though. small speaker can only deliver so much so if you're doing bass heavy down-tuned stuff you may be a bit disappointed.
I've seen some pretty good stuff on the Yamaha thr5. It is a bit out of the price you mentioned however.
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Vyper will blow your mind compared to the Rogue. It isn't a particularly impressive amp in a broader context, but if I only had 100$ to spend and wanted to play metal then the Vyper is the amp to get.
Thanks for all the replies! How would a Blackstar CORE10 ID:Core fare?