I finally got everything on my Dean VMNTX hooked up but now all 3 wires on the pickup selector are off and I have no idea where to put them. All I know is the grounds go on the back of the switch but where?
that is an awesome guitar Dean doesn't get the respect it deserves at times as everyone thinks only guys in the 50s knew how to build a guitar

ok so with a toggle there is 4 contacts

the one by itself is ground - i usually think SG as in the guitar shape , single ground ..dumb but it helps

the three that are side by side
the outer two are your pickups depending on the switches selection
the one in the middle activates the switch using hot lead

so think of the two middle contacts if the outer two hot leads didn't exist as "commons" they are used unconditionally. electricity enters through the hot lead and needs to escape through the ground. They can even be wired oppositely but I just like ground on the outside as it can make more sense.

this site is very useful if you need extra help , even if the pickups aren't seymour duncan they really help guys out.
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Way to confuse the hell out of me. Lol I get the gist of what you're saying, but where do I put all 3 grounds? I mean yeah I see that lone contact on the outside but whenever I unwired it nothing was even soldered to the contact
in that case this diagram will help. Grounding a switch all you'd need is one wire besides that you're just activating it with the middle connections. See how in this diagram how there is one contact by itself and one in the middle? those are commons which means you use them in every position.

there is no wrong way to do it maybe they did this to save money on wire but anyways.. this shall help.

Thank you for explaining that! I kept looking at that diagram earlier today and I was wondering why there was just one wire going to the outside
follow the wires back from the switch, remember you've got one from each pickup and the one wire going to the tone.

the one on the left in the group of three represents the bridge pickup
the one on the right in the group of three represents the neck pickup

the one in the middle goes to the tone knobs hot lead (left contact in this diagram) giving the tone knob the abillity to cut treble and then out to the input jack.

make sure no wires or potentiometer (things under the knobs) contacts are not touching the paint inside the guitars control cavity walls. The paint is there for the clearer sound but if you get guitar pots to touch the paint the sound goes away.

see if that helps, but worst case scenario you've got a diagram and this is a breeze to re-wire compared to say the jimmy page wiring or say the 10 string bc riches.
this is a visual explanation , 3 way blade toggles seymour duncan did a great diagram on but this is les paul style