This is a long shot, because this isn't a super popular band and most people would hate them... But if anyone feels like tabbing out this vile, grotesque, blackened sludge metal tune, I'd be super grateful. Not sure I should YouTube link to it, because the album art is probably against some kind of forum rules.
... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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smoke, you get more awesome by the minute..... You have an epic beard, live near woods, listen to metal, grill stuff using makeshift bbqs out of old cans, and now we find out you have stabbed someone in the dick
BottleOfSmoke I've got some Sourvein and Eyehategod bass tabs that I did? They are pretty much the same for bass & guitar. I just don't know how to tab guitar chords? I've done some Sumac & Salem's Pot bass tabs too. You're welcome to any of them. Are you looking for Lord Mantis bass or guitar tabs? I can work on a bass tab for Death Mask. Their new EP is friggin' KILLER.