Absolute Klone-y Bliss.

The Chellee Ponyboy is a klone, and a darn good one to my ears at that. I know when I first got my hands on the EHX Soul Food that klones would be my overdrive love. And the Ponyboy takes it to the next level.

It features a standard 3-knob layout, with 9v center negative power input, buffered bypass, and 9v battery compatibility. But it also has a little bit more than a standard klone, as it has a switch to adjust the treble's knob focus frequencies. To the left, the knob adjusts like a standard treble control. To the right, the knob adjusts middy-mids and upper mids. Setting everything at 12 o'clock gives you a classic hard rock tone, great for bridge pups. Clean boost settings involve putting the gain and volume at around 9 o'clock. It has a lot of volume/gain on tap...

As far as sound is concerned, it sounds like a klone. As far as versatility goes, a lot of different klone-flavors can be produced from this pedal. Along with the treble switch adding versatility, the gain knob can act as both a clean boost and a point of its own distortion, rather than boosting an amp. Before 9 o'clock, the gain knob acts more like a standard clean boost, like many people use their klones. Boosting the volume helps to get more from the amp. But past 9 o'clock on the gain, the pedal starts producing its own timbre of dirt rather than driving the amp to do so.

Even more interesting, the tone control can help dial in dirt as well. Especially with the switch to the right, focusing on mids, cranking the tone control up with a lower gain setting can bring out chime-y but warm dirt. Using this in conjuction with the Ponyboy's natural dirt timbres, you can have a mix of a warm grind from the gain knob and a sparkly push from the tone knob.

Has a nice soft(er) click switch too.

My settings (clock positions): Gain: just before 9, Volume: just before 9, Mid Boost Selected, Treble 1 O' clock

11/23/16: More "professional" video demo:

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Sounds good, HNPD! I would assume your board is getting pretty crammed by now.
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Very nice That sounds really good, nice playing (as usual).
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good sounding pedal despite dumb name. nice playing very tasty. guess the Klon thing doesn't appeal to me that much as i've listened to many klones and none of them sounded better than the TS style overdrive i use. maybe the unicorn dust doesn't come through on youtube vids. . anyways enjoy