Is this just a fling,
Or something else?
because the fact is
I have more in common
with you then the
man I sleep with
5 nights a week.
More then the man
I tell I love

I should stop talking to you.

I think the period after "week" kills the flow here. In my opinion the last line would hit harder if the first part built up to it with better momentum. But that's just me. I think this is interesting as well.
i get what you mean about the last line should be in the beginning.

as for my grammar, usually i type these really fast as they come to my head so i don't think about grammar. i'm just trying to get it out.
I'm confused on the meter, particularly as to the line "with you than the." Not sure how to time the words so they don't get forced/jarring in this area.
Bernie Sanders for President!