Hey everyone! I'm Pietro Spampatti, from Venice-Italy and i'm 19. I've been playing classical guitar for about 3 years in mid school then stopped, and after some years to fight lets say boredom i just got closer to acoustic guitar and took some tabs/lessons online. Now i'm into the process of selecting a guitar! (which is why i need your help)
I know that the guitar need to be tested and stuff but the problem is that i dont have many songs to test it with. I'm getting closer to fingerstyle and my goals would be to perform some of modern fingerstyle (like andy mckee or jon gomm). I've been considering to pick a guitar with 1k-1.5k price range and i'd be open for suggestions!
Well if you're talking about USD, then I'd say a Taylor, only because they're really nice, and really expencive. In the USA, if you have a Taylor guitar, people automatically stereotype you as rich and good at the guitar.
100% Hand made guitars, would be a Martin (I toured the factory), and alot of famous musicians use Martins.
Look up modern guitarists on youtube (Peter Gergly, Ed van der Meer, etc), and ask them what type of guitar they'd suggest with your price range.

I applaud you for getting back into fingerstyling
Well i wouldnt play a martin or a taylor for the brand to look rich or just because famous people play one. I'd like just to be suggested on the shape or wood perhaps and then chose a model.
Hi Pit! I'd advise avoiding "classical" guitars. Go for a nice steel string...the narrower fingerboard makes fretting a lot easier than on classical guitars, imo. Get a used guitar if you can, can get them for half the price of new.