Beautiful serene sounds there. Very atmospheric - I've always found it difficult to create the same atmospheres a keyboard can create on guitar but you did it well here. Very peaceful to listen to, like listening to the waves of he ocean roll in and out. Liked your lead playing as well, it complimented the backing nicely. It's good music to listen to with your eyes closed. Play on.

Not sure if it's your kinda thing but, if you're up for some C4C, here's my post: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1683186
Thanks so much Steve. I thought it make have taken too long to get where I wanted it to go but it's a compliment if you made it all the way through!
I definitely dig your recording and left you some feedback on your thread. Cheers!
There is an early Aerosmith song (that quickly turns hard rock) that has a guitar fade in thing on the intro, and that's what it reminded of when I heard your tune, though yours is much longer. Your song sounds nice! Could be good for a scenic video, a TV show, or a movie. Except for hearing stomp-box clicking, audio quality is good. Also reminded me of U2 at times. Please review my music at this link: