Hey guys! I have a quick question I currently own an Orange OR15, Orange TH30, Marshall DSL 100. All head versions, combos arent my thing. I was wondering if tone wise a TH100 would be any different than the TH30. I play punk rock along the lines of Teenage Bottlerocket and the like. So would the dirty channel have a tighter bottom end on a 100? Upgrade to 100 or maybe a rockerverb 50mkii? OR throw and eq or overdrive on the 30? Cheers!
Would definitely go for a Rockerverb over the TH30 or the TH100
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Would definitely go for a Rockerverb over the TH30 or the TH100

my favorite orange is a Rockerverb 50 (MKI). you can easily find one for under a grand. don't let the 6V6's scare you, it is British as **** and mean as hell. i don't like the EL34 models as much, and i have played them side by side.

i haven't tried the MKIII so jury is still out on that.
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The TH100 will have a little better bottom end than the TH30, I'd just keep the TH30.

Look for a used RV100

Actually www.humbuckermusic.com is blowing out all their Orange amps, and the RV50/100 mkII are only $1500ish new
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