Okay quick(ish) background. I got a Yamaha electric guitar when I was like 13. Played it until I was 18 on a little Line 6 spider amp. I decided I wanted another guitar, and was looking into a Fender Jazzmaster. A guy I worked with recommended a Stratocaster based on the bands I listened to. So I wasn't sure yet but my sister jumped the gun and bought me one as a bday present. Super stoked, she's awesome. I liked it, have played it for about a year now on a Fender Frontman 212R I bought from the guy I work with.

Now I don't know very much about guitars or amps and overtime I try to educate myself but I get lost in all the different things that guitars and amps have. I thought I might want a Telecaster next or maybe a Jaguar. I really like the Tele's look and they always have a great sound to them.

So me and my mom were at a park the other day watching a band and I off hand mention the guy is playing a Telecaster and that I was THINKING of maybe getting that as my next guitar in the future. What does she do. She goes the next day and buys me one. She just gave it to me a couple of hours ago as an early bday present. Again, extremely blown away and appreciative, but I'm not sure it's what I want. She said we can return it tomorrow if I want.

So I'm debating on what to get. So many different kinds of Telecasters, Jaguars and Jazzmasters with different parts, names and prices. Like they all have "American Classic", "Deluxe", "Musician's name." I know they all have different parts like pickups and different styles hence the different names. I think my best bet is to get a similar guitar to what bands I like have because that's the type of music I plan on playing. I like clean with reverb but also something that could get a nice gritty overdrive/distortion sound if I wanted to.

Here's some bands I listen to (I know probably not what is popular amongst ultimate guitar, but bare with me.)

Not sure what lead singer is using, but the other guitarist has a Telecaster.

again not sure what the lead singer is using, but I think the other is a stratocaster?

These guy's are using a Jazzmaster and a Jaguar I think?

So based on these bands, what would you recommend I get? Also keeping these bands in mind any recommendation on amps as well. Probably gonna stick with the Fender Frontman for a while. But I'm looking at other amps. Thanks so much for reading through all of this and any advice is much appreciated.
I won't make a guitar recommendation here. Instead I'll say this: shop with your hands and your ears.

Try the new Tele out- gently- with your gear and aim for those tones you seek. You won't nail them- amps & pedals matter a bit more- but you might get in the general neighborhood. And try playing with your eyes closed so you can really get a true understanding of how the guitar feels in your hands and against your body.

Then try doing as much the same as you can with a variety of guitars at the music store.

Decide between the ones you think feel and sound best.
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