Saif, no fill basic screen trick! 2, after 10 spring ice dragon pet test, and when that sword dancing dragon ice baby both give each increase 1hit strange lightning hit. You can try the other cases pet is not enough. . I do not know why. . . Optical Properties. And others will sleep until after two female gun out, and all of these skills is changing again, and then three sets of equipment, having put all the demons most appropriate. DNF Roller Institute moves from mid-BOSS basic dust and I think the players have a clear mind on the foundation, but if the players blindly relying on luck to come across, it is extremely difficult, and a lot the players on the map after a long BOSS from this area is the completion of the left, and it can only get the Institute of powder load too slowly through this work. Download the Royal Institute of powder is still very good, in the end there is no law? At present, there are players on the basis of their expertise after it posted a DNF in the most violent DFO Powerleveling invaders FIG Go geras Institute of reference for players. DNF goes below started Heras Institute of Law Institute for the introduction of the DNF Hellas moving tips: from the beginning that this method can not guarantee it 100% BOSS hidden room. However, please rest assured the players, only the possibility of entry BOSS hidden room could be improved. Feed and rear 123 charts, the following chart is the organ room. Give us a look at how to go before they can successfully enter the room to hide BOSS (arrow indicates the direction) after taking the three front rooms directly seconds before, in Figure 4 select the device, and the day after (that is, return to the first three rooms, recommended), and low (1.8% to 80% of Graph X). If the choice is that only in Figure 3, you can select the following form 0.60% in the middle of the room BOSS, and fast all elite skills punch, and more material faster to get to play, and most of the rooms I BOSS out of eight. DNF Heras Institute of moves do not go directly to the machine room, first retreat to kill the sketch for the first time, and thus reduce the delivery site, the plan is to see play randomly send the position of the blue , to minimize Chart, more to the machine room. The transfer of this plan, then the lower left corner of the black, you acknowledge your fate, the position of the car is not good, it is recommended Luzhu to go directly select the touch technique, and black, and the best place, and this time you need to choose the right side and 70% of the vertical sectors 2 2 This figure, below the room device (this road is very good), a one-time transfer of 3 horizontal vertical (2) and a plan, then you can enter the room BOSS hidden. Black right, walk up to choose the machine room, first look at the position transfer (Luzhu rarely come to this position, and the one to take the trouble to find elite director) Institute moves DNF geras way, our research is gradually -dahan and bright, do not be mistaken.