Well....I have been recording with the computer for quite a while and It always seem there was some type of configuration issue or routing problem then I could never totally be happy with a particular DAW, so i broke down and picked up a Tascam DP-03SD ....I'm really excited about it, it will be so much easier when inspiration strike me to just hit a button. I don't have it just yet, it will be delivered Wednesday.....plus it is always lot more fun with a console knobs, sliders ect....I saw some of the options are copy and paste I can't image that being very easy without a mouse....anyone ever use one of thee types of recorders? what is your experience with them?
I've been using multittrackers as my DAW for years and have always found them far easier to use than software based ones.

Essentially though, the experience of using a multitracker is the same as using software. The only difference really is that you can only use what it comes with, which usually means you can't download VSTs etc.

I've never used that particular model, but on my Tascam 2488 the copy & paste function is easy enough to use, I'd imagine it will be OK on your DP03.

For general recording chat & discussion though, we have a recordings forum. There's a chat thread there for general advice, and there are sub-forums for you to post your work & have it critiqued etc so you can figure out how to improve your skills.
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