Hi I'm stuck as to whether buy a pedal to try to get better tones out of my amp or to save and buy a new amp.

The amp I have is a Fender Vaporiser and it sounds decent when I crank it to half and put a Tubescreamer on. But my main sound is a fuzz so i bought a Devi ever Shoegazer and that works sometimes for a crazy full on fuzz sound with tons of feedback.

But It takes a lot of volume to get my tone good and it still doesn't always deliver what i need. I play punk and grunge and like that fuzzy rhythm sound with some chorus mixed in at times (Super chorus fwiw). i also use a Flashback x4 with a super fast echo plus an ATM reverberry for reverb.

Should I buy a more standard distortion/Fuzz such as a little big muff or a RAT or should I save for a better amp? Based in the UK, Have about 85 quid now which I could use for a pedal or realistically amps in my budget would be a Blues Jr etc.
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Sell the amp and get the one that suits your playing.

No I wouldn't sell it, I love the cleans but I'm just not happy with distortion yet. And it's not a case of it being unsuitable, I would want another Fender amp.
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I just like to imagine that my neighbors enjoy their free, nightly concerts.
If that's the case, use the clean amp, but get a proper pedal that does what you want..

You could consider an mfx unit too and use it's amp modeling if needed, then plug it into the fender's cleanest channel. At least you get more choice of tones.
I would stop using chorus and delay and an extra reverb pedal. That chain will muddy up anything. Just mix in a little tiny bit of the onboard spring and then go nuts with your current fuzz.

A rat wouldn't be a bad purchase, though. So...sell your chorus and buy a rat.
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New amp.


I kid. I can't really help in this situation as I know nothing about the Vaporizor and know little about fuzz pedals. That said, if it were me, I'd buy a used '60's era Blackface fender and a Russian Big Muff. Wait, I already have the Big Muff.

Get Blackface. Rat would be nice too.
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you can get rat clones fairly cheaply

little big muff shouldn't be too much either (or again you can probably get cheapish clones)

are there any shops close by which have your amp and also those pedals?

alternatively if not, you could buy the pedals online and return them within 14 days for a refund (minus postage) if they don't do what you want. they're probably cheap enough that they're not really going to hold you back that much from a better amp, especially if you actually like your amp.

speakers can often help, too. that might be worth considering as well, though you'd have to buy 2 (though 10" speakers normally aren't that much money). cheapo speakers normally aren't that great, and often sound worse with distortion.
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