Hi all wonder if you can help me, I'd like to know if there is a way of finding out the melody to any song so I can play it. Is there a technique ?
I don't have that good an ear to be able to find it myself.
Rather than playing a solo to a song I want to be able to play it say in the style of the shadows if you know what I mean.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
Generally speaking, posting the exact melody of a tune, either in tab or notation, is a violation of copyright. Most all tabs you see online will have disclaimers like "this arrangement is the work of the author" and is meant to show that it may not be an "exact" transcription.

So, to do it legally, you can work with old material that is out of copyright, or you can pay for the sheet music from a variety of sources.
However....If you hunt around enough, you can generally find some sort of transcription from which you can extract the melody line. You just have to be patient and use a bit of Google-fu.

For instance, I found a nice transcription of "Nuages" on a site devoted to gypsy jazz.
The best thing you can do really is work on your ear. Just because you don't have a good ear now doesn't mean you can't develop one.

Start with learning stuff you already know really well by ear. Nursery rhymes, Themes to TV shows/Movies, Christmas carols etc. Try singing along with stuff, pausing the recording, singing alone, and finding that on your instrument.

I really recommend trying to develop your ear, it takes time but once you get started you will realize that you never need to rely on there being a transcription of the song you want to learn in order to learn it. You simply need the recording and a bit of time.

Also, i recommend you get some form of software that allows you to loop and slow down songs. Transcribe, Anytune, Riffstation and Amazing Slow Downer are a few on the market that does this.
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