Hey all just wondering if anybody knows any bands that sound like opeth I love the way there music is heavy but then goes to beautiful mellow passages. I also like the morning side and gallowbraid.
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Check out Blut Aus Nord, particularly the three Memoria Vetusta albums and the first album Ultima Thulee. It's quite different from Opeth; much more on the black metal side of things, but definitely fits the bill for extremely heavy/ferocious riffs/vocals laden with beautiful mellow and atmospheric passages and some clean vocals.

Ultimately, I have not heard any bands that really sound a lot like Opeth. Unless you're talking about their latest two albums...
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Try out Katatonia and Amorphis. Katatonia doesn't really "sound like" Opeth, but they have a similar appeal. I'd recommend Last Fair Deal Gone Down or The Great Cold Distance.

Amorphis' Tuonela and Elegy are my two favorites.

Barren Earth as well.. check out the first album Curse of the Red River. Amazing.

As someone else already mentioned, Swallow The Sun is a good choice too, but I think Emerald Forest is their best work yet.
You might like Ghost Bath's 'Moonlover'. It's a black metal album with soft, clean passages and piano sections - I think there is more soft and clean than black metal, really. But their control of dynamics is staggering (if not their control of their instruments :P), and the end result is breath-taking. They get unfavourably compared to Deafheaven, but the comparisons are baseless. The shrieks of glorious victory on Golden Number are an experience you will never match elsehwere.


Another act you might be interested in is Time Ghoul. They were coming for that Prog Death thing, although they did it in a very different way. Their major release, '1992-1994 Discography' moves from enormous, chunky tech riffs to gregorian chants and other madness. The recordings are bedroom demo-levels of lo-fi, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your preference; either way, it comes at the highest recommendation.