Hey all

I'm considering getting an Epiphone guitar since they're affordable and have a decent price/value ratio, but my preferred genre at the moment is thrash metal and I don't know many guitarists that use Epiphone for this genre. My two current options are:

- Epiphone G-400 Pro
- Epiphone Les Paul Studio

For this price range however I can also afford an Ibanez RG421, which I know is built for metal..but I really prefer the epiphones from an aesthetic point of view.

Any epiphone connoisseurs have experience playing metal on these instruments? Which of the two would be better suited for my preferred genre, or would it not matter as both would produce the same sound quality? Should I go for the Ibanez RG421 instead, or would the epiphone's sound still work well with a thrash metal genre?

Thank you for your input and advice.

Personals: I'm currently playing Metallica, Megadeth material.
An Explorer would probably be better but out of the two I'd probably go with the Les Paul, slightly deeper sound. Before you go and buy one, go out and play one of each of them to see which one feels more comfortable to you as well, blind buying guitars is never recommended.
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epiphones can do metal from my experience, but you can still get that distinctive lp sound when playing even with high dist. not technically a bad thing but something to keep in mind
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and yeah you should consider trying them out before purchasing, the ibanez will have a different feel in the neck since it's Wizard III
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I can attest to ephi thrash capabilities. I play some pretty brutal stuff on a epiphone dot studio with SD jazz pups and it is incredibly heavy yet Crisp. But like others have said just make sure and play before you buy because absolutley no two guutars are alike.
An Ex band member of mine used to use an epiphone for a prog/metal group we were in. Im pretty sure it was prophecy series which was a great sounding instrument