If I can give you an advise, try not cutting your mid frequencies as much. You'll get a better sounding mix and your guitar will have easier time cutting through the mix.
I have never heard any of those, but I will do my best to name them anyway.

1. Curse the Day - Prometheus's Lament
2. Shadows of Sorrow - Treachery is Trending These Days
3. Bonded Through Anguish - High Temple of Assyria
4. Encased in Silence - Speak of the Devil
5. Harlot's Oath - If I'm Still Alive Come Morning
6. Remorse for the Wretched - The Reckoning
7. Thuban - It's a Wonderful Day for a Funeral
8. Betray the Martyr - In the Hands of Fate
9. The March - Silence Screams my Name
10. Buried Underfoot - For the Lost...
11. As the Crow Flies - Retribution for Sinners
12. Stone the Cowards - Thou Shalt not Forget
13. Fallen Kingdom - The Face of Truth
14. Slay the Guilty - Safehaven from Sanity
15. Bury the Living - 17 Reasons to Have Vengeance
16. In the Light of Reason - Violence is Always the Answer
17. Retribution of Lazarus - These Walls Have No Ears
18. Relinquish Your Fears - There is No Way Out
19. Salvation for the Blessed - Rendered
20. Seed of Desolation - When the Light Shall Overtake US
21. Mandated by Resolve - Lamentation for the Fallen
22. Serval - My Demons Will be the Downfall of Me
23. Stella's Funeral - In Silence the Light Shines Bright
24. Reciprocate the Liberated - Scars of Our Tomorrow
25. Steven

Also you might want to consider doing something different with those mids and socks.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
@truiteleague: Thanks for the advise man, I'm aware the mixing needed some (a lot of) improvement, but I didn't know where to start!

@theogonia777: Lol, those metalcore names were pretty funny, well done. Oh, and dunno about you, but it's pretty normal to wear black socks with black shoes in my country
They don't look so good with the white trim on the shoes. Black socks tend to look better with all black shoes.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.