I am Jef from Belgium. Exercising on my guitar for 3 years right now, mainly metal (Pantera, Lamb of God,....)

My first guitar was a Squier Stratocaster. I changed the pickguard for a another (loaded) one with two humbuckers, which was very easy to do!

Recently I bought an Ibanez RG320FM, to train some dive bombs etc, but didn't like the humbuckers, so I switched them for a pair of Warman Warblades. First I thought this was going to as easy as my first guitar mod, but now I have some problems wiring it up (bridge pickups souns fuzzy, not in a good way )

I've looked at the wiring diagram many times, watched a Youtube video about the wiring of my particular switch, read the instruction on the Warman website over and over again. Without satisfying results...

On which forum can I ask this?

Thank you very much!