Hey! So im starting to look for a new guitar, my budget is between $400-$800 with $900 being a stretch, I don't care about new or used. I play rhythm guitar and sing in my band (which i'll post a link at the bottom for a better idea of the music), So I need something I can move around with easier.

We play rock thats all around the rock spectrum, we can go from heavy to light with the snap of a finger so versatility is key. Right now I play with a Hagstrom D2F, but it has a few wiring issues/ its really just too heavy me. I play through a Vox Nighttrain 15w Head with a matching 2x12 cab. SO I need to find something light, that still has a warm and round tone, preferably with humbuckers.

So far I've played a Chapman Guitar (ML-3 Traditional) and I really liked it, but I wasnt crazy about. Im looking to try out an Ibanez AR320 soon and also the PRS Custom Semi Hollow. I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of guitars to try out, I hope I provided you with enough information

Heres a link to my bands bandcamp that has our single and EP, I play on the EP songs (they arent well produced since we did both ourselves, but it might help)


Heck of a song man. I'd consider a Fender Modern Player Telecaster if I was you. Get all kinds of tone out of it, and some good rough, rowdy, dirty, bluesy distortion out of it. I just pictured playing one of those to this song, and even the look has the vibe. Here's a link to one.


EDIT: These are also super fun.

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ohh fun, cool thanks guys I will add this to my list of things to try. Anyone else got anthing DD
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I'll be honest, I think the solid body PRS SE's are pretty lightweight.

Certainly compared to an LP, anyway
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Here are some searches I did on Godins and Reverends costing $900 or less.



Considering you were complaining about weight, I'll mention some standouts: the Reverend Club Kings, Manta Rays and Tricky Gomezes are semihollows, as is the Godin Montreal. There is also a full hollow Reverend PA-1. Any of those will be well-made with some nice tones on tap.

One of the Manta Rays is a 2011 LE with a Bigsby and a trio of P90s. I have that guitar, and it is a beast. I bought mine used for @$900- more than they're asking- and I felt like I stole it.

I'd also look at the G&Ls.
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Yeah I wanna look at G&Ls as well, Thanks everyone for al the suggestions, now im pumped to test them out!
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Jackson Soloist SL2 is pretty versatile I think.

It's not bad for cleans, but IMO, but LPs and Tele do better for clean. Better with the OD I think.

But again, not bad.
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I would look into an Ibanez S or an HSS Strat, depending on what you want tonally. (shameless plug, I happen to be selling an Ibanez S in your price range)

A PRS SE Custom 24 is also a good option.
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I would go for the PRS. I'm biased though, I've owned many different guitars but I always go back to PRS. They are versatile, feel great, and have something unique in their tone that sparkles and shimmers. The next best thing "feel-wise" for me is an American Tele. The problem for me, though is access to the upper frets, the bulk, and the ugly headstock on the Tele.
I'm in with the Tele guys above. In that price range its a good fit.
Second checking out some PRS SEs. My SE245 is under 8lbs and seems quite light. They have some options for coil splitting giving you some flexibility. New they will be under $900 and used about 1/2 that amount. Certainly good for most rock styles.
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