Hey everyone just wanted to see what you all think of my first song called Radiation. I did all the instruments myself along with vocals except drums. Let me know what you think! It's on my SoundCloud which can be accessed by clicking the link below. Colten & The Gardners soundcloud
Definitely not my type of music but it was pretty good. I could see someone else listening to it
Hello there.

This isnt my style of music either. With a different vocal style I could maybe get on board, but I'm not a fan of this style particularly. That being said, they are well done for what they are. The guitar tone is quite nice too, it works well with the muted parts in the verse particularly. The solo is fits the style well and is nicely played.

Mix wise, you seem to have nailed it pretty well - nice and balanced, with plenty of space (something I never seem to manage).

Overall, pretty nice work, if not entirely my cup of tea.

If you fancy some C4C - you can check my stuff here