Anyone here play both the bass and the guitar?

I played bass for the past 6 years, and on and off enjoyed strumming around on my dad's gibson. For the past few weeks I did like a 'guitar bootcamp' while on vacation because I couldn't take my bass and there was a guitar in the cabin I was staying at, which I played hours on end with practice routines, shred exercises etc...

When I got back to playing the bass my fingers started aching, I was slower than usual and almost bored by what I was doing. For the guitar however I was nailing Master of Puppets with full downstrokes at a higher bpm than the studio version.

I really like and respect both instruments, I just started being 'pro' at the bass and now I want to be real good at the guitar, but I feel like the more I play guitar the less better I am at the bass.

Is this an occurring issue for anyone that plays both? Or have you found a comfortable routine to improve in one and maintain awesomeness in the other?

Maybe it was because I was playing up to 5 hours a day on the bass and after a week of no bass my fingers suddenly numbed out, but I'm starting to think whether I should choose between effortlessly playing a cliff burton bass solo or decent shred riffs on the guitar.
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I'm sure you can play both. I played bass for a few years but never really got beyond being an advanced beginner. It just sort of happened because a friend had a band and they needed a bassist. I always preferred guitar and when I picked it up a few years later the bass was sort of just left there to rot.

I think it depends on your time commitment. If you have the time to practice and upskill on both then why not?
That's exactly how I got started with the bass haha. I'm starting to appreciate the guitar a lot more, but I'm afraid to just let my bass rot away. At the moment I'd easily spend more time on playing and getting better at the guitar and I'll even go to say I enjoy it more than the bass, it's just I don't want all those hours of bass playing to go to waste.

Maybe I'll just maintain a good level of bass play for future band openings and keep dreaming big on the guitar.
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